Friday, May 24, 2013

One big family, lots of little ones

 Meg was turning 1 soon!




Kadin, such a little guy!


Grace, almost 1 yr old too!


Ava 6 months

6 months




Such a cutie pie. She was a peach the whole time too!

Sami 6 weeks & 6 months

6 weeks old





6 months old




She grew so fast!

Ben 1 yr

 A Catch up on Baby Ben!

Somebody turned 1!






Christmas 2013

Monday, October 1, 2012

Catch Up

I apologize for the lack of posts and photos! I am going to post a little bit of everything I have been working on. Hope you enjoy!

This was Baby B's 6 month photo shoot. He is growing up so fast! 

Brother and sister photos for a mother's day gift!

High School senior pictures

I photographed my first wedding this summer. Meg and Dan are such a happy couple and I was so excited to spend their special day with them.

That is a few photo shoots from this summer. I will post more in a little bit!